12 Genie Jokes You Wish You Knew Before

Don’t miss this TOP list of jokes! These are some of the best Genie Jokes of All Time. Here are 12 of the very best Genie jokes that will get the whole family laughing!

12 Genie Jokes You Wish You Knew Before

#12 One wish

Genie: I will grant you one wish.
Me: I wish for more wishes.
Genie: That wish, I cannot grant.
Me: I wish you’d reconsider.
Genie: Wish granted. I reconsidered it. You may now wish for more wishes, but you already used it.

#11 I wish

A married couple in their 60’s are visited by a fairy who grants them both a wish.
“I want to travel around the world with my darling husband”, says the wife
…2 tickets for a luxury cruise magically appear in her hand !
Husband says “sorry love, my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me …”
So the fairy waves her wand and the husband becomes 92 !

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