15 Best Jokes According to Comedians

The Old Lady and The Cat

A very old lady is rocking away on her chair, taking in the last rays of the evening sun, reflecting on her long life and how preciously she takes each day when suddenly a shimmering vision appears before her and tells her she is her fairy godmother and she can have three wishes.
“Ooooo!” Says the little ol’ lady, “That’s nice. I guess I always wanted to be rich.”
PING! Her rocking chair turns to solid gold studded with gems.
“Oooo!” says the little ol’ lady, “That’s nice. I guess too I’d like to be young again and be a princess.”
PING! She has transformed into an elegant young woman again.
“OOOO!” says the little ol’ lady, “That’s nice. I guess I’d like – hmmm” she spots one of her cats passing by, “Turn him into a handsome prince.
PING! He is transformed into the most handsome of princes, with soulful beautiful eyes, and he makes a cat-like slinky movement as he comes sexily towards her.
“Ohhhhhh” says the handsome prince, “That’s nice. I guess you’re sorry now that you had me neutered last month!”

Don’t Do It

Who Am I ?!