15 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes to Tell This Year

Thanksgiving is here. This wonderful age old tradition (well…since
1621) where we put down our work, put away our differences, and refuse to put away our phones, to spend time with the people we love. (And also remind us of why we avoid these people for the rest of the year). Thanksgiving can be a wonderful, if stressful, time. Between the cooking, cleaning and shouting at the TV, things can become a little taxing.

Well not anymore! This year you can lighten the mood and get the good times flowing with our “15 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes to Tell This Year”.

These jokes have been hand plucked, stuffed, and roasted to perfection. And now
they’re ready to be served with a dollop of timing and a side of comic wit.

15 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes to Tell This Year

So before you head out to the Black Friday sales to buy a $5 blender (that you will “definitely” use and not get bored of in a week)…and before Christmas throws
Thanksgiving aside like last Halloween’s pumpkin…You can sit down, relax, and show your unbridled comedy genius with these hilarious (and kid friendly) Thanksgiving jokes.


Q: What do you call a running turkey?
A: Fast food.


Q: What do you call Thanksgiving if you’re selfish?
A: Thanks-taking.


Biff: Why did the turkey cross the road?
Bob: I don’t know.
Biff: It was Thanksgiving Day, and he wanted people to think he was a chicken!

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