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  • I'll Do Better Tomorrow
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    I’ll Do Better Tomorrow

    Paul got a part-time job at the Post Office. The first assignment his supervisor gave him was the job of sorting the mail. Paul separated the letters so fast that his motions were literally a blur. Extremely pleased by this, the supervisor approached Paul at the end of his first day. “I just want you […] More

  • Are bugs good to eat?

    Are bugs good to eat?

    A boy asks his father, “Dad, are bugs good to eat?” “That’s disgusting. Don’t talk about things like that over dinner,” the dad replies. After dinner the father asks, “Now, son, what did you want to ask me?” “Oh, nothing,” the boy says. “There was a bug in your soup, but now it’s gone.” More

  • I'll take the wisdom!

    I’ll take the wisdom!

    An angel appears in a puff of smoke to a man and says to him, “Because you have lived a good and virtuous life, I can offer you a gift: you can be the most handsome man in the world, or you can have infinite wisdom, or you can have limitless wealth.” Reflecting, the man […] More

  • The first suit?
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    The first suit?

    A little boy opened the big, old family Bible with fascination and looked at the old pages as he turned them. Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible, and he picked it up and looked at it closely. It was an old leaf from a tree that had been pressed in between the pages. “What […] More

  • Saving A Shirt
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    Go Ahead and Do It

    Police officer talks to a driver: “Your tail light is broken, your tires must be changed, and your bumper hangs halfway down. That will be 300 dollars!!” [Pause] Driver: “Alright, go ahead and do it. They want twice as much as that at the garage.” More

  • Saving A Shirt

    Saving A Shirt

    MAN: Have you finished ironing my silk shirt? BUTLER: Yes, sir. MAN: Then please bring it here. I have to get dressed! BUTLER: Sir, I was ironing and someone knocked on the door. I went to open it and when I came back I could smell something burning… MAN: Don’t tell me you’ve burnt my […] More

  • Calls me handsome

    Calls me handsome

    When I was married, my wife used to call me handsome. As a matter of fact, we are now divorced but she STILL calls me handsome. Every time I have some money, she says, HANDSOME OVER. More

  • Too Much Trouble, Sarge

    Too Much Trouble, Sarge

    A Sergeant was addressing a squad of 25 and said, “I have a nice easy job for the laziest man here. Put up your hand if you are the laziest.” 24 men raised their hands, and the sergeant asked the other man, “Why didn’t you raise your hand?” The man replied, “Too much trouble raising […] More

  • What's the matter with you?

    What’s the matter with you?

    A woman went to the doctor’s office and was seen by one of the new young doctors. After about four minutes in the examination room, she started screaming and ran down the hall. An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was, and she told him her story. After listening, he told her […] More

  • I Need That In Writing

    I Need That In Writing

    “Jake,” said his employer, “you’ve done a lot of good things since you’ve been here. I’m going to increase your pay five dollars a week.” “Thanks, boss,” replied Jake. “Would you mind putting that in writing?” “Why? Don’t you trust me?” “I trust you, boss,” replied Jake. “It’s my wife. If I say I got […] More

  • Can't Trust the Bookkeeper

    Can’t Trust the Bookkeeper

    A Mafia Boss finds out that his bookkeeper has cheated him out of $10 million dollars. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was the reason he got the job in the first place. It was assumed that Marco would hear nothing so he would not have to testify in court. When the Boss goes to confront […] More

  • Bank Account

    Bank Account

    Mother decided that 7-year-old Cathy should get something ‘practical’ for her birthday. “Suppose we open a savings account for you?” mother suggested. Cathy was delighted. “It’s your account, darling,” mother said as they arrived at the bank, “so you fill out the application.” Cathy was doing fine until she came to space for ‘Name of […] More

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