16 Of The Best Jokes To Keep You Merry This Christmas

16 Of The Best Jokes To Keep You Merry This ChristmasSanta Claus loves two things: free cookies and silly jokes. Thankfully, Santa and your friends and family have a lot in common. Not only will everyone you know love these ridiculously clever and hilarious jokes, they’d also be up for a free cookie or two.

But let’s be honest: some of these Christmas jokes are so good, it might not be a great idea to share them while your buddies are eating, because their likely to laugh so hard, you’ll be covered in candy cane cookie dust and bits of gingerbread men. Nobody wants that, but they do want funny jokes. So bring the merry this year, and it’ll be just fine to leave the cookies behind.


Q. What did the peanut butter say to the grape on Christmas?
A. “‘Tis the season to be jelly!”


Q: What did one Christmas tree say to the other?
A: You’ve got a lot of balls walking in here dressed like that.


Q: What do you call a snowman that can walk?
A: Snow-mobile.

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