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Can I Speak To Daddy?

A boss needs some information pronto from one of his employees who is at home for a week’s rest.

He phones the number and a tiny little sweet voice answers:


“Hello, is your daddy there?”

“Yes.” says the cute little voice very quietly and sweetly.

“Ah good, well, can I talk to him then?”

“No” she says very slowly.

A bit shocked at this he asks why.

“He and mummy are talking to the policeman.” she coos perfectly innocently.

“The policeman!?” the boss says shocked.

“Yes,” she says in her quiet little voice, “The big policeman. All the others are outside.”

“Others????” he gasps wondering what on earth has gone wrong.


He hears a sound through the earpiece.

“What’s that noise?” he asks

“Oh,” she says, again nice and sweet, “That’s the policemen’s helicopter.”

“Good grief!” the man nearly swears, “What on earth is that doing there? What are they all doing?”

From the earpiece, he hears the tiniest of little giggles,

“Looking for me!”

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