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Danny pops the question at last.

Danny has known Katie for a number of years and was always secretly in love with her. But he dared not talk to her of marriage, he was also terrified of asking her for a date, because he was afraid he would look desperate.

Truth to tell, she felt exactly the same way.

So for years this tragic couple, who could have been happily married, raised kids and now be sitting with little grandchildren around them, kept each other’s love for the other apart.

This went on as their friends grew up, found the love of their lives and live blissfully together, but poor Danny and poor Katie were so fearful of looking desperate, they simply wandered in painful loneliness into middle age.

One evening Danny was looking at photos of himself as a young, handsome man and compared them with how he looked now. True he had a little bit more tummy, and his hair was kinda grey, but in that distinguished way. He felt it was the time he stopped this fear of how Katie would respond. Did he want to wait until they were old, crumbling and senile?

The time was now, so he picked up the phone and called her. When she answered he straight away popped the question, just to be sure he asked it before his nerves got the better of him.

“Katie, will you marry me?” he asked, his voice quivering with emotions.

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes!” shrilled the delighted Katy “Of course I will. Oh, yes, and let it be soon! Tomorrow if need be. Oh yes!”

There was silence as their hearts lifted and surged on this wonderful moment, broken only when Katy asked, very gently.

“Beg pardon… but who is this?”

How romantic!

The little old lady