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Feeding a child in! Outrageous!

A mother and her little girl are shopping in the supermarket, behind them most of the way is a man who observes the mother to be most calm and is intrigued by her parenting skills.

He first notices when the little girl starts moaning for some ice cream after seeing huge tubs of it. Her mother says no and the little girl starts to whine.

“Monica,” he hears the mother saying, “Now we only have few aisles to go and we’ll soon be done.”

A little further on the girl starts blubbing for sweets. Again he hears the mother saying very firmly “No!” and the little girl starts wailing anew.

“Now Monica, let’s not get upset, only two aisles to go.”

Nearing the checkout the little girl sees the gum stands and yells for gum. Again he hears the mother refuse the child and the little girl screams her head off.

“Okay Monica,” he hears the mother says gently and evenly, “let’s not start crying now, we only have to get through this checkout and you’ll be at home and you can have that large gin and tonic.”

The man is furious! Promising kid alcohol! Using it to sedate her.

He stomps up to the woman

“I have been most impressed with you up until that point. Now I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I have to say, as a concerned citizen, I think it is appalling that you are going to calm your little Monica down with gin!”

The woman smiled through gritted teeth, “No you don’t know me. She’s called Sally, I’M Monica!”

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