List of 25 Funniest New Year’s Eve Jokes of All Time

Get ready to be the star of the New Year’s Eve party with a lineup of ridiculously funny (and somewhat ridiculous jokes). One bit of warning: if you happen to be at a New Year’s Eve party, and the host has left up some holiday mistletoe, DO NOT stand under it after telling these jokes. People will be in such a good mood, they will want to kiss you non-stop.

List of 25 Funniest New Year's Eve Jokes of All Time

So do us a favor, tell jokes, get the laughs and then just get your hand ready for high fives…that’s a lot less hassle than having to stand up getting smooched all night, with people wanting to show you their appreciation.


Q: What Does it Mean If You Were Born In September?
A: That your parents started the new year with a BANG!


Q: What is a New Years Resolution?
A: Something that goes in one year and out the other.

Witch doctor weather…

Proposal in Space