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Memory Technique

Two elderly couples are having a nice night in.

“Hey Jimmy, you been going to some fancy sessions at that private clinic I hear!” says one disdainfully of the other

“Yes,” says Jimmy, “they use all the latest memory retrieving techniques, – visualization, association – that kind of thing.”

“Pah!” says his old pal, “mumbo jumbo.”

“No I swear it works!” says Jimmy.

“Okay, tell me the name of the clinic then?” his pal challenges him.

“Oh no, the name of the clinic, let me see…” his mind goes blank for a while, “now, ah, GOT IT! What’s that flower you get, very perfumed, with a thorny stem?”

“A rose?”

“That’s it!” he turns to his wife, “Hey Rose, what was the name of that clinic?”

Not exactly what he wanted

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