Smart pooches

Three Florida ladies are bragging about this and that, trying to outdo each other when the subject goes to their dogs. Naturally, all of them consider theirs the smartest of all.

“Why,” says one lady, “my little dog is SO smart, he can tap his little paw on the ground once to say he wants a biscuit, twice to say he wants to go out, three times to say he wants his dinner.”

“I know all that,” says the third of the trio.

The first one ignores her, obviously, she was jealous and could retort nothing else!

The second one says, “Well, yes, that sure IS smart, but my little pooches are MUCH smarter. He uses the telephone keypad to communicate with me. He presses button one to let me know he wants out, button two to say he wants to be fed, button three he would like a treat, button four because he wants to go to the park, and so on.”

She sits back quite satisfied.

The thirds say, “Huh, I know all that,”

The other two round on her for being so rude.

“Anyways, how DO you know all that.”

The third replies, “Cos my dog told me and he wet himself laughing as he did!”

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