Story Time

A teacher is reading her class the story of the three little pigs, and she is trying to teach her class about good manners. This is how she tells the story:

There are three little pigs, and they each need to get stuff to build their houses, so the first little pig walks up to the man carrying straw, and what do you think he says?

Lil Susie and Lil Johnny both raise their hands, and teacher, knowing how lil Johnny can be a little crude, calls on lil Susie.

Lil Susie answers with “May I PLEASE have some straw?”

Very Good! Says teacher, and the man gives him some straw because he was so polite. Now the next pig asks the same thing of the man with the twigs, and he also gets some, because he was polite.

But the last little pig walks up to the man with the bricks and says “HEY YOU! Give me some bricks NOW!” Now, what do you think the man says, and remember that this pig was rude.

Only Lil Johnny’s hand goes up.

The teacher waits awhile, seeing if anyone else is going to answer, and then finally calls on lil Johnny, saying “Lil Johnny, what do you think the man said to the rude pig?”

Lil Johnny stands up clears his throat and says “Holy Molly! A talking pig!”


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