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The Blue Pajamas

A man phones up his wife from the office

“Listen, dear, I know this is short notice, but I have to go to New York immediately, some company has went bust and we are in with a chance to grab one of it’s most prestigious clients. They’re sending me there dear and I need to catch a flight in four hours. Could you pack everything for me – oh, and remember my silk pajamas, dear. Oh and one other thing, it’s such a prestigious client, you’d better include that special briefcase I’ve been saving for ‘moving up’. Just have everything ready for me so I can grab it and run. Once in a lifetime chance dear!”

So everything goes to plan, his wife readies everything for him and he grabs the gear and scoots off.

A week later he returns.

“Well how did the business trip go dear?” his wife asks.

“Oh not too bad, I think I made a good impression, but we’ll need to wait and see. Oh, and you forgot to pack my blue silk pajamas, darling.”

“I didn’t forget,” says his wife with a slow smile, “I put them in your special briefcase!”

What the husband meant to say was…

How romantic!