The ingenious plan to catch infidelity

A man suspects his wife of having an affair and is worried about a trip he has to take that will mean leaving her alone to do what he long suspected she does on previous occasions when he’s not there.

So he comes up with an ingenious plan. He knows his wife is a bit lazy on the housekeeping front, and she would never hoover up under the bed, so he gets a bowl of cream, puts it under the bed, and ties a spoon to the springs of the bed in order that it hangs over the bowl of cream.

He arranges the length of the contraption so that if one person lies on the bed, the spoon won’t reach the cream, but if two people were to lie on it, the bowl of the spoon will be covered in cream.

He goes his trip and when he returns his wife is all smiles and asks him how things went and how bored she has been without him.

“We’ll see!” he says to himself grimly.

When he pulls the bowl out he let’s out a scream!

It is full of butter.

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