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The little old lady

A kind, the loving family decided that their elderly mother and grandmother were too frail not to deserve the best of attention and so, regrettably they took her to a very nice residential nursing home.

The old lady was given royal treatment all around. After being given her medication and then a delicious supper she slept soundly in a very comfortable room. I the morning she had a tasty breakfast and was then given a chair by the window to sit and look out over a very beautiful garden.

After a while, one of the nurses hears her give a little groan and she begins to tilt over – the nurse rushes over and sets the old lady to rights again. Ten minutes later another little whimper of a groan and the old lady sways over the other way. Again one of the nurses catches her in time.

A little later the family comes in to see her and ask her how she is faring.

“Oh very nice, very nice. I have one complaint though”

“What is that?” they ask, assuring her they’ll make sure it is addressed

“These nurses won’t let me f@rt!”

Danny pops the question at last.

Not exactly what he wanted