The Springtime Romance

It was springtime when Rachael Crawford came to work on my father’s farm. She drove up in an old yellow Mustang. When she walked up to the house I noticed that she had long blonde hair and she was dressed in a jeans mini skirt with white socks and sneakers.

The doorbell rang; when I opened the door she said: “ He is Mr. Stanford here please?” I told her that he would be back in a min and to come in and wait. I asked her if she wanted a drink and then brought her a glass of soda. She was very quiet and didn’t say much. After a few mins. my father arrived. I introduced him to Rachael and then he told her to follow him to the barn where we kept the horses.

It was there my brother Jeff got the first look at her. He was in one of the stalls when she came in. He just stared at her for the longest time trying to keep her from seeing him. My father showed her where he kept all the stuff to groom the horses and told her that she had to ride all of for an hour each day to keep them in good shape. He made sure she knew everything she needs to know and then he left. Rachael walked over to one of the horse’s stalls and began brushing him. While she was brushing the horse she thought she heard a noise in one of the other stalls. Rachael walked over to the stall where she heard the noise. “Who are you?” she said. I’m Jeff this is my father’s farm I help clean the stalls. “You nearly scared me to death,” Rachael said. “ Your father hired to groom the horses and ride them to keep them in shape,” Rachael told him. It’s nice to meet you Jeff told her and shook her hand. Rachael smiles as she shook his hand. Jeff asked her if she wanted to go riding with him so he can show her where the nice places to go riding are. After they put the saddles on the horses the road off into the fields.

They stopped next to a stream to let the horses drink. Rachael sat down next to an Oak tree on some soft green grass. Jeff walked over and sat down next to her. You have the bluest eyes I ever saw. “Thank you, “ said Rachael. He moved closer to her and touched her hair and then he kissed her neck. Rachael’s heart was racing and she couldn’t believe what was happening. Then He moved off her neck and started kissing her on her soft sensuous lips. They held each other and kissed for more than three hours. Then they had to make their way back before it got dark. Every day after that Rachael and Jeff would go for a ride and watch the sunset. They would kiss until the sun went down. They were falling in love. Then soon the winter came and Rachael had to go back to college. Rachael and Jeff where very sad and the will miss each other very much. Then Jeff had an idea he asked Rachael to marry him and they could live there because the farm will be his soon and she could live there and go to college too. Rachael said yes. There wedding was beautiful Rachael’s gown was white silk and lace and Jeff wore a black Tuxedo.

Two years later Jeff and Rachael have two children and are very happy.

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