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The Yale Graduate

A manager advertises for a position he needs to fill urgently. The applicant MUST be highly educated but the mean old owner has advertised the job at a very poor rate. No-one has come in for an interview yet, and the adverts went out weeks ago.

So he is delighted when a guy turns up out of the blue. Straight away the manager says, “First, I need to know where you were educated?”

“Oh, er Yale.” says the guy, going rather red, obviously embarrassed to appear superior. Our man is delighted “I don’t need to hear any more!” he exclaims, “The job’s yours!” and he takes the guy to his new office.

After showing him where everything is, how to access the various computers and websites and explaining the rough idea of how things operate, the guy appears delighted and so our manager leaves him to it.

At the end of the day the guy comes to see the manager and says “Had a great time!” and leaves.

The manager is well chuffed to have gotten such a well-learned guy for a song and can’t wait to tell his boss in the morning.

Due to a gridlock on the motorway, he arrives late and is pleased to see the guy in his office working away with the boss.

Our man goes into his own office and prepares himself for a bit of praise – may be a bonus?

The owner comes in, shuts the office door and says

“What made you hire him?” jerking his thumb backward.

“Well,” he seems the perfect type, modest, quiet and was educated at – wait for it YALE! So I hired him on the spot! So quick I’ve just realised I didn’t even ask him his name!”

The owner breathes in and says, “Educated at Yale huh? Well, go ask him his name then.”

Puzzled at the owner’s demeanor he goes into his new guy’s office

“Excuse me,” he says apologetically, “I was a bit rude yesterday, forgot to ask you your name.”

“Yim Yohnson.” the man replies.

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