These 24 Short Funny Jokes Will Brighten Your Day

Sometimes people just have bad days. Tough day at work. Stuck in traffic. You come home to find your mailbox stuffed with wild racoons. Whatever they problem is, there is nothing better to brighten someone’s day than a good, quick joke.

These 24 Short Funny Jokes Will Brighten Your Day

For those days that might not be quite perfect, to those really difficult ones where you come home to find your postal box crammed to the max with rabid animals, these are the perfect jokes to get a smile and brighten anyone’s day. Heck, even the racoons might like them.

The Dentist

Man goes to see dentist and asks “How much to pull two wisdom teeth?”
Dentist says “$100.00.”
Man says, “too much. Can’t you do it for less?”
Dentist says “I can do it for $50 if I cut out the novacaine.”
Man says, “that’s better but still too much. Can’t we do it any cheaper?”
Dentist says, “I could let my trainee do it for $20 but she has never pulled a tooth before and it would be quite painful.”
Man says, “That’s great. Schedule my wife for next Tuesday.”

Leaving Dan In My Will

The Sparrow