Too hot

A very irritating customer comes into the restaurant and the first thing he does is complain to the waiter that it’s too hot and he needs to turn the air conditioning on.

A few minutes later he complains that it is too cold and that the air conditioner must be shut off.

Then again he complains it is too cold and the waiter must turn it back on again.

He does this all night, and the waiter patiently crosses and recrosses the restaurant, never once seeming flustered or angry.

One of the customer’s tugs at the waiter’s sleeve as once more the irritable one has him going to change the status of the air conditioner.

“Excuse me,” says the customer in a whisper, “I say, you are showing remarkable resilience with that awful fellow and his demands about the air conditioner.”

The waiter gives him a conspiratorial smile, and a look of impishness at the flustering, blustering idiot at the other side of the room, “Not bothering me sir,” he whispers back “We don’t actually have an air conditioner!”

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