What the husband meant to say was…

A man and his wife decide to spend some time together doing the things they normally do on their own. So the wife helps with a spot of gardening, and they spend an enjoyable week pottering around and she is quite impressed with her man’s knowledge.

The next week it is his turn to share the tasks of cooking. Unfortunately, this coincides with her less than a good week, if you follow my drift.

Everything goes quite well until the husband remarks that he thinks two spoons of salt are better than just the one she puts in the potatoes.

“I only ever use one dear,” his wife says. He says, “Well, I think you not might be quite right on that one, my love.”

“Not quite right?” she turns on him, “Oh I know what you mean, you mean I am COMPLETELY not right. You mean I am wrong! Not only am I WRONG, but I am also a liar, I tell such huge lies I am hardly fit to be human. In fact, I am not even speaking like a human, I am BARKING! Just like a dog in fact! Like a ‘not quite right’ dog!” She quick dials the phone, “MOTHER! Roger’s just called me an insane vamp!”

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