Two hours off

A guy goes to an interview for a post as a laborer in a road-mending squad. The foreman looks him up and down and says,

“You don’t look too fit, are you used to hard work?”

The guys say he is, that he’s worked in farms, building sites, shipyards. Never any complaints about his physical ability.

“Okay,” says the foreman, “what about disabilities. Do you have any?”

Well says the guy, just one. When he worked in his last job in a shipyard a gas tank exploded and blew his testicles off.

“Ouch!” says the foreman, ” but I don’t see how that will be a problem. Okay, the hours are eight in the morning till five at night with breaks. You come in at ten tomorrow.”

Our guy is delighted to get a job but is a bit puzzled, “You say the hours start at eight but I’ve to come in at ten? Why’s that?”

The foreman says, “This is a council job, sunshine. For the first two hours we just hang about scratching our balls. No point you coming in for that.”

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