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Dear wife,

composing email

A guy takes a trip for a short holiday. His wife is on a business trip that is ending the next day and she plans to fly down and meet him. When he arrives at his hotel he sends her a quick message. Unable to find the piece of paper on which he wrote her company e-mail address, he does his best from memory.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get it exactly right and the message is routed instead to someone whose husband recently passed away.

When the grieving widow opens her e-mail, she takes one look at her monitor, screams, and faints.

The message on the computer screen read:

My darling wife … just checked in, everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Looking forward to us being together again.

Your loving husband.
PS: It sure is hot down here.

Will you give us a push?

Will you give us a push?

airplane turbulence

Once a village bum…